* Today’s show was a lot of fun.  At least three tapes mysteriously vanished right as we went to play them.  Who needs video on a television newscast?  Not us.

* When you break up, you might think it’s funny to post pictures of your ex on Craigslist inviting random men to call him at work and talk dirty to him.  And yeah, it is kind of funny.  But it’s also a felony.



* Blog reader Helen tips us off to the male girdle (or “mirdle”).  I think there’s a 75% chance Rob wears one of these.

* If you have a stupid name, first curse your parents.  Then curse Facebook because they will doubt your stupid, stupid name. 

* Facebook is about to become more like Twitter.  Awesome.  Because it’s not like we already have Twitter for that.

Speaking of Twitter, Zoraida sent an update from the set today.  (Previously: I’m on Twitter, too.)

* Executive Producer Wendy quote of the day: “I’m still looking for the social networking site where everybody leaves me the f*** alone.”

hooters* Looking for a recession-proof business?  How about restaurants with scantily-clad waitresses?  ABC News calls them “Breastaurants.”  Why didn’t I think of that?  I must be slipping.

I have been to a Hooters just once.  The food was awful and we somehow drew the token mid-40s waitress.  There was no reason to return.

* “Watchmen” comes out today.  I’m pretty psyched.  I read the book last year after seeing the movie trailer.  Almost all the reviews have been brutally negative (except four stars from Ebert).  The book is incredibly detailed and layered, so it will be hard to cram it all into a movie.  There is nothing quite as sad as a potential blockbuster that ends up as a blocksucker, so my fingers are crossed.

* 25% of people over 18 are living with a parent or in-law.  That strikes me as ridiculously high.  “Living with my parents again” ranks just below “get eaten by piranha” and “contract SARS” on my list of things I want to do.judahfriedlanderve1-722954

* A website that will do my homework?  Awesome!  It’s in French?  Lame!

* Prince Charles is the world’s best dressed man.  Better luck next year, Judah Friedlander.

* Remember the guy who flipped out on that Canadian bus and cut some guy’s head off and put the victim’s tongue in his pocket?  Yeah, that guy was “not responsible” for the murder.

* Don’t you hate it when you go to kiss your girlfriend and she bites off your tongue?  Is this normal for couples?  I am unfamiliar with the ways of love.

* The world’s fattest man is pimping his 1989 Chevy Astrovan so he can be driven around Mexico.  He plans on staying in the van 24/7 (seriously).  Manuel Uribe and his wife are planning a trip to the beach… where he will be harpooned.

* There are 10 secrets you shouldn’t keep from your doctor.  I have a rule with my doctor: He doesn’t ask me about my body, I won’t ask him about his.

* President Obama goes nowhere without his teleprompter.  What’s up with that?  The President of the United States sticks to the script but Zoraida won’t?

080703_obama_lead* Everybody’s freaking out because Obama suddenly has a little gray hair.  I like how it doesn’t occur to people that maybe he dyed his hair during the campaign.  It’s like dating a really hot chick and as soon as you get married, it all falls apart.  Barack’s in the White House.  He doesn’t have to be polite or anything.  He doesn’t have to look good.  He got the job.  There were stretches of months and months where Bush didn’t get a haircut.  His hair kept growing out on the sides so he looked like one of those  British judge wigs.  Look however you wanna look, Mr. President.  Waterboard your critics.


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  1. I think W. taught us all we shook just still to the teleprompter.

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