Alas, poor Blago!

* Thanks to my blog defenders.  Even if this little internet oasis is chewed up by corporate machinery, your comments have warmed the cockles of my heart.  (That’s not exactly true.  I have no heart.  And I don’t know what “cockles” are.)

* I have Monday off so I can actually enjoy a Super Bowl with friends.  Do not panic when you don’t see a blog.  I will attempt to make Tuesday’s extra juicy.

* Rod Blagojevich’s reign of terror is at an end. Celebrate with this Chi-Town Kids rap video we cut earlier this week.

This little project nearly caused my skull to cave in.  First, I had to crawl over every nook and cranny of the newsroom to find the tape of these guys rapping.  Turns out, it was in Art Norman’s mailbox – a cranny I never would have imagined.

Dictator for Life (in his own head)

Dictator for Life (in his own head)

Once I found that, the hunt was on for video to cover it with.  Rashaan Salaam was especially difficult to find, but Writer Theresa came through with that one for me.  I remembered the Judy Baar Topinka/Blago debate because I was here the day that happened.  I had to herd the assembled Chicago journalism community into an elevator and take them to a control room where they could watch the fireworks.  We had no video of Cinnabon, so I punched up a picture of a roll on the computer and grabbed it that way.  And then I spent two hours with an editor to put it all together.  I really wish it had come off better, but I can always try again the next time we rip a governor from office.  (Any day now…)

Should I take credit for posting a link to that song (right click, “save target as”) 11 days before we got around to shooting the group?  This blog predicts the future!

* Speaking of the future, how cool is “Lost” right now?  I am loving it.  Less Hurley, more everyone else.

* I will have several additional videos from recent days to post to the blog shortly.  Stand by.

Illinois Governor Impeachment* The Daily Herald says Blago is out some serious cash, thanks to his shenanigans.  Maybe he can hurry up and age, so he can enjoy those free rides on the CTA for the elderly I enjoy paying for.  (Is Social Security not enough for you people?  Now I have to pay to bus you around?  Get some exercise and walk, freeloaders.)

* What do you get a woman with six children?  How about 8 more? Good Lord.  Why are you taking fertility treatments when you already have SIX?  Highlander Producer Carol flipped out at this story – “That woman had no business putting anything in her.  No penis in.  No nothing in.  And you can quote that on the blog.”  Thanks, Carol.

* If riding your horse drunk in a snowstorm is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

* Those girls who drive you out into the middle of the woods and throw you out of their car so you’re forced to endure 8 degree temperatures wearing only a dress and one shoe?  They are not your friends.

43873446* An orphanage in Iraq erects a monument to that guy who threw his shoes at President Bush.  Oh, the money I would have given to have seen Lauren Jiggetts whip her heels at Blago outside his home last night.

* Women have more nightmares than men. Men are more likely to dream about sex.  And then there’s me.  I have sexmares.  I don’t want to go into detail, but it’s a string of dreams about parts breaking off.  That’s all I’ll say.

* Pole dancing class for teenagers?!? I was born 15 years too early.

* Married women sleep better than single women. Unless you’re married to Drew Peterson.  (ALLEGEDLY!)

* Speaking of old Drew, he was on Nightline last night, gloating about his new fiancée.  He really seems heartbroken over the disappearance of his current wife.  You will heal, Drew.  You will heal.

3 responses to “Alas, poor Blago!

  1. highlander producer carol

    u r so fired!!!!

  2. I think Carol is my new hero

  3. I like hurley, but the island is way more interesting. The time travel is blowing my mind! Coolest show ever.

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