Meet the New Boss


* Big day.  Barack Obama becomes the nation’s 44th President – the first African-American to take the office.  You will remember where you were when this happened.

Rob and Zoraida have been awfully reluctant to read any script with references to slavery.  But it bears mentioning.  This country was built on the backs of slaves.  We were nearly torn apart over the matter.  And 140 years after the last President from Illinois freed the slaves, a black man will lead the nation.

Regardless of what you think of Barack Obama, we have to say a prayer and hope for the best.  There’s too much at stake right now for us to engage in partisan mudslinging.  Let’s fight for our ideals but come together at the end of the day.

* Want to see some fantastic pictures of inauguration preps?  Peep these from the Boston Globe.

* The worst inaugural addresses ever are… (Mad props to William Henry Harrison.  Coats are for suckers.)

* Enjoy a lovely gallery of the most awkward inaugural dance moves. After this moment, I’m surprised the dances don’t have chaperons…


* Dick Cheney will spend the inauguration in a wheelchair. (A wheelchair made from the bones of orphans.)

* Hopefully, the Obama team has a good coat check system for all the inaugural parties.  At Bill Clinton’s 1997 inaugural ball, irate Democrats began chanting “We want our coats. Now.” Police had to be called in for crowd control and cloak distribution.

* Is Barack Obama “redefining the male physique”? I hope not.  I can never get that tan.

* Remember the website I showed you to make yourself into an Obama-ish poster? Today Highlander Producer Carol brought her camera to the newsroom.


You may be wondering about this “Bowman Buffet” business.  It’s kind of an inside joke.  While walking the newsroom, one of the women here may make a comment about my appearance.  That’s when I start flexing and inviting them to “grab a ladle and step up to the Bowman Buffet.”  They find it hilarious.  I can’t do “cocky” convincingly.

* Women are less able to suppress hunger than men… which is why Hillary refuses to get off the stage.

* Children spend six hours a day in front of TV and computer screens. This would be awful if most of them weren’t spending their mornings reading this blog.  Hi, kids!  Don’t watch Snowmageddon ’09, okay?  Too scary for you.

snowmageddon* Speaking of Snowmageddon, I see our clip was picked up by the G4 network’s “Attack of the Show.”  (See them talking about it starting at 1:15 on the clip here.)  They say it looks like something that would run on their show… but I’ve never seen it.  So no, I am not a fan of yours.  But you are a fan of mine.  How nice for you.

* Keeping a full social calendar may help protect you from dementia. Well, I’m screwed.

* Sociologists make the case for why you should forget your first love. I plan to do that… as soon as I meet her.

* Last night I watched the Foo Fighters on Austin City Limits.  It was fan-tas-tic.  I love the Foo Fighters.  That is 100% man-fueled rock and roll.  Singing.  Screaming.  Guitars.  Drums.  Catchy riffs.  In my dreams, I can yell like Dave Grohl.

24* I have given up on “24.”  Last season was a joke.  I watched 15 minutes of this season and my attention waned significantly.  Last year, I found myself turning on an episode, seeing how the cliffhanger was resolved, and then screwing around online while the episode rolled.  Jack would scream at uncooperative terrorists (“WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?”), Chloe would fix some computer thing, and CTU would alternately hunt/help Jack, and so on and so on.  I would return my attention to the screen with five minutes to go, when the next pertinent plot point would be revealed.  The middle parts of every episode were usually unbearably boring.  While Jack drove somewhere, we’d be treated to endless scenes of terrorist sneering and presidential mulling.  Three  good scenes a year are not worth 24 hours of my time.  Sorry, Jack.

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