Hello, weak end

* I really wanted to title this blog “One Too Many Mornings,” but I burned that one on September 26, 2008.  Curses.

This week seemed like it took forever.  In reality, I can chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t worked a 5-day week in two weeks, so I’m rusty.  And December was jam-packed with events, fun and food.  December is like that pretty, energetic girl you fall in love with.  January is when she starts looking like her mother and nagging you all the time.

earI don’t know what my deal is.  I’m actually writing this from home because my irritability level is off the charts.  The following sounds nearly caused me to resign this week: Andy rubbing his hands together at the top of the newscast, a coworker rustling her plastic shopping bag, a stopwatch alarm in someone’s drawer (set for 2:41 a.m., natch), Tom Jones singing on TV in an edit bay, another coworker’s laughter, simple conversation and my own breath.

I write best when it’s quiet.  I can focus.  I can hear the words echo in my head as I type.  When it’s loud in the newsroom, I can feel my IQ dropping.  The louder it is, the worse I write.  I keep my iPod handy to fill at least one ear with sweet music, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Unlike my previous posts at NBC5, I have to keep my ears peeled for breaking news from the desk.  So my concentration is interrupted at least five times a day with news of a gang shooting on the South Side.  Or yet another house fire where the people didn’t have a working smoke detector.  Or video of people sleeping on cots at O’Hare.  It feels like “Groundhog Day” in that place sometimes.

Still, I have a job.  And I’m damn good at it.  So I will try to embrace the weekend and unwind.

* Another benefit to blogging from home is that I can use Firefox, as opposed to whatever ancient version of Internet Explorer is on the computers at work.  Once you try tabbed browsing, you will never go back.


* President-Elect Obama is BFF with Spider-Man. Spidey fist bump!  Can you imagine how jealous all Sasha and Malia’s new classmates are going to be?  Forget the whole presidency thing, their dad is in a Spider-Man comic!

* Chuck E. Cheese is turning into Thunderdome.

* Today, Rod Blagojevich is going to be impeached. I hope they leave him in office long enough to enact two or three more CTA fare hikes, just for old time’s sake.

* Nutritionists are worried we’re going to put on “recession pounds” by eating cheap garbage instead of the expensive healthy foods.

1126wholefoodsSpeaking of expensive healthy foods, have you ever been in a Whole Foods Market?  It’s like they took a regular supermarket, washed everything so it faded and marked up the price 200%.  Last time I visited, I almost punched myself in the face out of contempt.  (“Who do I think I am, browsing $14 croutons made entirely of organic, unprocessed wheat stalks?”)

* You may be more racist than you think. But I knew it all along.  Your framed “Song of the South” poster was a dead giveaway.

* Ladies, please stop worrying about the following things. Start worrying about Drew Peterson.  HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

* “Slumdog Millionaire” keeps winning awards, but I have zero desire to see it.  First, the title.  Second, I hear there’s some sort of Bollywood dance sequence.  And nothing worsens my posture than a Bollywood dance sequence.

* Have you ever visted PostSecret.com?  People from around the world send in anonymous postcards with a secret.  It is frequently heartbreaking and beautiful.  (Updated every Sunday.)
* Detroit school hits bottom due to economic slowdown.  Budget nearly wiped out.  Funding hits the skids.  So they need parents to send in toilet paper.

* The Tribune acknowledges everyone hates their redesign. I picked up a copy yesterday.  It didn’t feel like a newspaper.  It felt like a leaflet.  Newspapers are in such trouble.  (I say that recognizing that TV will die shortly after them.)

3 responses to “Hello, weak end

  1. Wow. PostSecret? You really must be down. That place is pretty messed up, and that’s coming from a 17-year-old girl.

  2. PostSecret is flipping amazing! Also, did anyone ever e-mail you any photos?? I thought about it, but I’m trying to be a lady in 2009.

  3. this is amazing!

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