X-Ray Horrors

the-shield-tv-01* I had to TiVo last night’s series finale of “The Shield.”  Don’t ruin it for me.  That show is crazy-good.

* Today was the culmination of the NBC5 Thanksgiving food drive.  How many items do you think we collected from the public between 4:30-7 a.m. over the last three days?  Try zero.  Who holds a two and a half-hour food drive at this hour in the morning?

* Let’s get in the holiday spirit, shall we?  Follow this Florida university’s lead and ban holiday decorations, cancel your greeting card competition and throw out the “giving tree” for needy preschoolers.  We wouldn’t want to offend anyone by celebrating a national holiday.  Ridiculous.

* “Funny” radio personality Jonathon (the extra “O” is for “hilarity”) Brandmeier is going to try a live comedy show on NBC5 December 5 & 12.  It’s airing at 1:05 a.m.  From the article…

The shows’ content will be a real hodgepodge, including audience call-in, famous and not-so-famous guests and some video clips, among other things.

Wow.  That sounds familiar…

Combining the styles of radio with TV, the unscripted, discussion-driven morning show will include top news headlines combined with “water cooler” stories and audience participation.

Sorry, Johnny B.  I liked this idea better the first time when it was three and a half hours later and I produced it.

xray* Executive Producer Wendy: “I love X-rays of things lodged in the brain.”

* We’ve learned the one thing that can shut walking poltergeist Ann Coulter up… breaking her jaw.

* Last night, I caught last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”  Just painful.  They usually try to put their best sketches near the top.  And when you put this godawful messnear the beginning of your program, you’re just begging people to turn the channel.  Seriously, who wrote that?  It might be the least funny thing I’ve seen on SNL since… Molly Shannon.

nbc* Perhaps it’s no wonder that NBC’s ratings blow.  (14 CBS shows alone topped everything on our network.  14!  That includes a rerun!)

* Before I bite the hand that feeds me and I start ranting about whoever programs our primetime schedule, let me see what new shows might turn this thing around…

“Superstars of Dance,” an international competition show from the producers of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“Momma’s Boys,”a dating show from executive producer Ryan Seacrest.

And “Howie Do It,” a hidden-camera prank show starring Howie Mandel.

We’re dead.

worm*  It’s not often you get two upsetting quotes in the same story…

“I wanted to see women get scared and shake their legs,” and…
“We have the worms sitting inside the police station right now.”

* Apparently, postnuptual depression is a growing problem.  See ladies, that’s what you get for marrying not me.

* Worst.  Dating Game.  Ever.

* There is no morning news tomorrow, so there won’t be a blog.  I’ll be in Michigan with my family, trying not to shove my cousin in the closet, where all vegetarians belong on a holiday revolving around meat.  But check back Friday when I recap all the shenanigans.


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