Rob and Zoraida interview The Jigsaw Killer

* Monday was fun.  I came up with this out of sheer boredom…

* 13% of Illinois voters approve of Governor Blagojevich’s job performance.  Apparently, 13% of Illinois voters also eat paste. 

* Arch Nemesis Producer Jim sent me this message today: “New NBC poll only puts your approval rating as 4:30 producer at 11%.”  I’m frankly surprised I did that well.

* Please refer to Beyonce as “Sasha Fierce.”  How quickly we forget the flaming failure that was Chris Gaines.

* A Fox affiliate in Tulsa started their own blog, ripping me off, but referring to me as “the best.”  Don’t you forget it, Fox 23 News Daybreak.  Oh, and I used to work for a Fox affiliate.  My condolences.

* Millennium Park is costing us $8 million to maintain.  Eight million?  For what?  We can pay some local kids $20 to mow the lawn.  What else is there?

* Today, Ginger wore the coolest outfit I’ve ever seen on NBC5.  It was this vest thing that made her look like a cool 21st century gangster.  I told Zoraida she should get something like it and she got all fussy.  This is Chicago.  Gangsters play in this town.

* Fill-in producer Jenel informs us that baby orangutans breastfeed until they are 4 years old.  I don’t know why I didn’t lead my newscast with that.

Ye Olde Warner Saunders Photo

Ye Olde Warner Saunders Photo

* NBC5’s rock, Warner Saunders will be bowing out next year.  The man has worked here since I was 3 years old.  Simply incredible.  Warner needs to keep the lights low in his office so people aren’t blinded by the shine from all his Emmys.  He’s also like 9 feet tall.  I realize all this makes him sound more like Paul Bunyan than a news anchor, but it’s all true.  In his spare time, he wrassles crocodiles and uses the Sears Tower antennas as toothpicks.

* Rob and I are working on a top secret Halloween project.  Stay tuned.

* Blog reader SW blows the lid off a Wal-Mart conspiracy.  Their PR department hit us up and did two segments about pet costumes on NBC5.  Same pets, same costumes, different morning shows.  Tsk, tsk, Wal-Mart.  You just broke one of the cardinal rules of PR-dom.  I will never book another Wal-Mart guest as long as I live.  You hear me?  (I haven’t booked a guest for a year and a half, so that’s kind of a moot threat, but still…)

* I have no desire to run any of the following stories:

  • California wildfires
  • Cute animal adopts baby from different species of cute animal
  • Anything involving the Nikkei Index
  • Pretty white lady living nowhere near Chicago murdered/abducted
  • Building implosion
  • World’s oldest man/woman has a birthday
  • Fundraisers/charity balls
  • Phone interviews with snowplow chief telling us that the plows are, in fact, plowing

* Tomorrow night, get thee to the iO Theater to watch the high wire hilarity that only Whiskey Rebellion can provide.  We rock the stage at 8 p.m.  If you stick around until midnight, we let the general public try their hand at improv.

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