Brave New World

* So I’m back from vacation and is no more.  Now we’ve got this monstrosity, which has its cool parts and its downfalls.  The search feature actually works now, but there’s no easy place to direct our viewers to find something.  I want my own URL for this blog.  A man can dream.

* I bet you’re wondering what I did on my vacation.  I slept.  And I ate.  And I watched movies and TV.  It was, quite possibly, the second lamest staycation ever.  (The lamest came in 2003, when I stayed in my apartment and taught myself to play chess.  Seriously.)

* Another fun change in my absence, the bathroom renovation project is underway.  Looks like they laid new tile.  The purchase and installation of this new tile just happens to coincide with the announcement that NBC is slashing 3% of our budget for next year.   Expensive tile.

* I visted the Haunted Sanitarium at the Theater on the Lake during my vacation.   A few good thrills and chills for $10.  You get several themed rooms attempting to exploit your various phobias.  Yes, there were clowns.  The most terrifying were the completely dark rooms.  The anticipation that something would jump out at you was more scary than the times someone actually did.

* Last weekend I caught the Oliver Stone Bush biopic “W.”  Surprisingly sympathetic, for a Stone piece.  The chick doing Condoleezza Rice was over the top.  Josh Brolin was quite good, as was the guy playing Karl Rove.  Some of the history seems revisionist, though.  I give it a mild recommendation.

* Would you rather pay $7.45 or go to jail?  If you said, “Pay $7.45,” you’re not 66-year-old Maryanne O’Neill.

* This woman is trying to gin up $3 million so she can buy a Super Bowl ad to land a husband.  So far, she has $741.  Her ideal man “would have a big brain, a good heart and a really annoying mother.”  Dear God.  She’s talking about me.

* Hey, how about this bitter old hag who refused to give her neighbor kid’s football back and now faces six months in jail?  You know what, old lady?  You probably don’t have six months to live, let alone to blow behind bars.  Give the kid his football back.

* I’d write more, but now I have a headache from all this business.  And I have a dental appointment this afternoon.  Joy.

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