Zoraida Goes to Prom

* This morning, we uncovered some of Zoraida’s prom pictures…

Zoraida’s reaction? “knucklehead!! you coulda done better”

Executive Producer Wendy’s reaction? “That was a lot of fun! Thanks for the effort, Ben.”

Yes, perhaps I could have done better.  But it should be noted that I photoshopped these while getting into a heated fight on the phone as I was running late for work.  You try that and see how well it turns out.  Seriously, though, if you want to photoshop Zoraida’s head on someone else’s body, e-mail it to me at ben.bowman@nbcuni.com and we’ll put it on the air.

* I am relieved Chicago baseball is done for the year.  This morning, Andy summed up the scene – “It’s safe to say our teams are pathetic.”  So true, Andy.  So true.

* With the collapse of the stock market, the White Sox loss, a new report on the nation’s surging stress, and a few death stories, Zoraida challenged me to show only happy news for the rest of the week.  Hey, I’d love to.  There just isn’t any going on.  I could have included the story of the guy who couldn’t find work after being let go from two major accounting firms, so he killed his mother-in-law, wife, three sons and himself. But I didn’t.  Restraint is the hallmark of a savvy journalist.  (Not really, but that sounds like it could pass for a well-known phrase.)

* Today in the 5 a.m. show, we said we’d have “team coverage” of the economic meltdown.  “Team” = Kim.

* Last night a friend and I ate at El Mariachi.  I was heartily disappointed.  Bland.  I have yet to enjoy a good Mexican joint in the city.

* More good news: 1 in 4 mammals faces extinction. I volunteer to go first.

* Human evolution is over. For some, it never began.

* The world’s tallest man became a father this week. Said his wife, “Ow, my lady parts.”

* Almost half of U.S. workers do not respect their boss and only half believe they are competent. If you are a supervisor, carry that stat with you to work.  One out of every two employees believes you are a moron.

* Tonight is the second presidential debate.  Part of me wishes one or the other would just snap and start calling the other one names.  I can dream…

One response to “Zoraida Goes to Prom

  1. Highlander Producer Carol

    I think I resent that. Team: a number of persons associated together in work or activity. You can thank Webster for that definition.

    Marion on tape, Kim live, and Rebecca at CNBC live is a team.. giving team coverage.. making the team look good.

    URE just jealous we didn’t let you be part of our team. LOL

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