Dispatches from the Control Room – March 12

* lazynbc5junkie, just for whining, I’m delaying my Studio 5 pictorial. Treats delivered to the newsroom may lift the embargo.

* One on four teenage girls has an STD. Hey, girls, quit lining up to be on VH-1’s “Rock of Love.”

* Some stupid computer virus infected my computer the day I called in sick last week. Since then, I keep getting these annoying pop-up windows. The IT guys claim to have fixed it, but the problem remains today. I almost assaulted my monitor with my keyboard today.

* A new NBC video feed website is up and running today. What a mess. You can’t cut and paste and you can’t search for anything. Oh, and the site locks up every 30 seconds. Why we’re abandoning our old site for this monstrosity is beyond me. Probably a call made by the same exec who made the disastrous “Quarterlife” decision. Welcome to NBC. Can we interest you in another go at the Olympic Triplecast?

* Whenever it seems like my job is a pain, I see stories like this and I thank God I don’t sniff landfills for a living.

* Ever wonder why women stand by their political husbands when they stray? So they can run for president, someday. Obviously.

* “Hi. I’m Geraldine Ferraro, a paranoid old white lady.”

* Dear David Archuleta,

Write the words on your hand with a Sharpie.



2 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – March 12

  1. Dylan(lazynbc5junkie)

    Jakki is alive!! Yeah!! I honestly think this blog is evil as right when Ben got sick, Jakki and myself both got some hellish disease. But at least our computers don’t have viruses!!

    Maybe the computer order some call girls and they messed around a little to much? o.O

    I end my comment with a sad face because of the first paragraph of today’s blog. :(

  2. Have you worn your stylin whiplash t-shirt yet?

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