Dispatches from Quarantine – March 3

* I’m sick. Like way sick. I spent all weekend sweating, shivering and sleeping.

The more I think about it, the more I think I blame Executive Producer Wendy for giving me a new water bottle. My old one was coated in a thin film of ancient bacteria that kept my immune system humming like a finely-tuned engine. This new one is clean, so I’ve lost my edge against disease.

I would have called in sick today but you can’t really do that without shafting someone big-time on this schedule. People don’t want to come in and work overnight, so we morning producers end up having to do twice the work when people don’t step up. It’s a sad reality of the biz. So I’m here, even punching out a blog in my weakened state. How lucky are YOU?

* Former Alderman Dorothy Tillman got arrested after a ruckus in a hospital in Alabama over the weekend. While doing a little research on her background, I learned she once brandished a gun in the city council. Who are we electing around here? It’s almost like we’re playing into the stereotype of Chicago politics.

* You cannot kill Mick Jagger. Don’t even try.

* If you’re one of the people who faints over the thought of Obama as president, here’s why.

* Zoraida staged a mini-mutiny against me this morning, refusing to read the entire script I’d written about the world’s fastest bartender. To end the story, I wrote, “Over 60 minutes, he whipped up 253 different drinks… or as Lindsay Lohan calls it, ‘breakfast.'”

Oh, Zoraida. Sweet, sweet, non-judgmental Zoraida.

* Today we ran a story about a process called “Googlewashing,” where companies claim to be able to hide all the bad stuff about you online by generating lots of other (neutral) search results. How much to erase my brain in relation to those pictures of Britney getting out of the car?

* Enough blogging for now. I’m going to go home, crawl into the fetal position and shiver myself to sleep.

5 responses to “Dispatches from Quarantine – March 3

  1. I love the 4:30 news with Zoraida and Dick-a great
    combination. I am an avid Channel 5 newswatcher, it’s the only news I do watch. I like Ginger Zee, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Andy Avalos back-he’s just very calm with the weather reports-hard to explain. Anyway, great job on the news!

  2. maneatr1999

    Awww..too bad you don’t have a woman around to kiss it and make it better. Even though the filmy water bottle is especially attractive..lol

  3. lazynbc5junkie

    So pictures tomorrow of Studio 5?

  4. lazynbc5junkie

    So pictures tomorrow of Studio 5?

  5. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well and still had to come to work – that is dedication! Would you like me to bring you some chicken soup? :-)

    My luck isn’t any better – while I’m not sick I hit two potholes last week which resulted in two flat tires and no car for a few days while it was getting fixed. Plus I have an extra ticket for opening day at Wrigley and can’t find anyone to go with. :-( So if anyone out there wants to go to opening day at Wrigley let me know.

    I hope you’ll be feeling better by Tuesday and if you want the chicken soup just let me know. :-)

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