Leap Year Dispatches

* Remember yesterday’s note about the former MySpace, former MTV show “Quarterlife”? How its NBC debut got the lowest ratings in 17 years in that time slot? It’s worse than that. It was the worst ratings in at least 20 years. And now it’s canceled.

* In other perplexing NBC news, we didn’t show the President’s news conference yesterday, instead shuffling it off to MSNBC. Says Phil Griffin, NBC News senior vice president, “We’re trying to make MSNBC the place to go for NBC News, and the strategy is working.” Yeah. Tune to MSNBC for news, tune to NBC for old shows that originally aired on the internet that we’ll cancel after one airing.

* It’s February 29. This day comes just once every four years, but it seems like all the others. It’s cold and gray and snowy. Shouldn’t we get some kind of special exemption today? Like, any crime you commit today can’t be prosecuted. Or we all get to punch a public official in the body part of our choosing. Come on, government, make Leap Year Day something special!

* All morning long, people came through the door to the newsroom and immediately started whining about the roads. Zoraida shouted, “Why didn’t I get some kind of warning?” You did, Zoraida, it’s called a calendar. Expect snow at least until May.

* Maybe it was the snow, maybe it’s because it was Friday, maybe it’s because it’s a Leap Year, but everyone in the newsroom was incredibly loud today. Inside voices, people. Inside voices.

* I would really like to write about the absolute clown show going down at the Cook County Board over this budget fiasco, but I’ve been edited on this blog enough to know I can’t. Just use your imagination and picture me hammering away at my keyboard until steam rises to occlude my hate-filled eyes.

* Todd Stroger Critic: “Todd Stroger only hires his friends and family to high-paying city jobs.”

Todd Stroger’s boyhood friend and new PR director: “That’s not true.”

* You know who I want to meet? The guy who lapped gasoline off the ground, then started shouting at cars. I would ask him for dating advice, since it can’t be any worse than what I’ve come up with on my own.

* As politicians continue to sling mud through November, consider stopping by this site before making up your mind. They do a far better job than the mainstream media at holding politicians accountable for their claims.

* David Archuleta wins “American Idol” this year. Write it down.

2 responses to “Leap Year Dispatches

  1. Try going to bars and stopping fan blades with your tongue for fun.
    Chicks dig that.


  2. lazynbc5junkie

    Can you post some pics of the all new Studio 5? Thanks. Just to get a feel of the layout.

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