Dispatches from the Control Room – February 20

* Going for three days in a row with no comments. Don’t jinx me!

* Today, Highlander Producer Carol sent me a message on our computer system that read, “u like rick james… cold blooded.”

I consider that a compliment.

And I informed Carol that just last week, I saw a man reading Rick James’ autobiography on the Red Line. Kinda hard to miss that cover.

If you’d like to learn more about the Superfreak himself, visit your local library, or blow $12.89 at Amazon.

* Once again, Dick started singing “We Go Together” from “Grease” in the newsroom today. That’s twice this year. I am concerned.

* Hillary Clinton says hedge fund managers aren’t doing “real work.” Her daughter Chelsea works for a hedge fund. How’d she get the job? The fund is run by Marc Lasry, a longtime Clinton donor. Here’s hoping they get Chelsea fired so she can go to work detasseling corn or shoveling coal or some “real” job.

* Today, Executive Producer Wendy and I had a discussion as to whether “get it off” is the opposite of “get it on.” Then we realized the sad and empty states of our love lives and abandoned the debate for a period of inner reflection and stifled tears.

* The above conversation revolved around a tease for the story about the pastor who wants his married couples to have sex every day for a month. Leading into the story, Zoraida ad-libbed that today was “hump day.” That made me giggle like a little girl.

* As I was browsing NBC5.com, the only website you will ever need, I stumbled across this site. Wow. I must have been sick the day in journalism class when they covered how to write a story about “metal sex toys.”

More importantly, who is this Kaylee person and what is her phone number?

3 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – February 20

  1. I think I was sick that day too… Do you think I could borrow a copy of that book?


  2. It’s been too cold to comment. LOL

    Any upcoming improv shows?

  3. You’re a big bowl of yummy redheadedness.. there, my good deed is done for the day and you should be up to 3 comments after this one

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