Valentines from the Control Room

* It’s Valentine’s Day: the day when we all honor the late president of the Motion Picture Association of America, Jack Valenti.

* As I write this, Rob Elgas is sitting at the desk next to me, talking up a storm to try and stay awake. He’s doing a sleep deprivation experiment for a story next week. Dude’s staying awake for, like, 26 hours.

I do that, too. I call it “Mondays.”

* There was a surprising lack of news today. I figured we’d be buried in Valentine’s Day stories. Where are all the goofy stories of romance? Maybe the media decided to take this holiday off. It’s been a slow news year. I blame the weather.

* Odd day today. First, there was no news, then I learn Rob was dropping in to my show to do a live appearance about his sleep deprivation. Then, we had some great video fall in our laps about a fire rescue at a CHA high rise. Then, Zoraida showed up with pizza. Then, one of our stagehands brought in his new puppy. Then, something glitched with our teleprompter and it would only show the versions of stories from 45 minutes prior to the newscast (almost all of which had been changed since). Just an odd, odd day.

* Highlander Producer Carol was in rare form today, eating a slice of Zoraida’s pizza, only to find sausage inside. She kinda flipped out and offered me her half-eaten slice. Hey, I love Carol, but I’m not going to eat her half-consumed pizza. I’d rather eat a half-donut (see yesterday).

Also today, Carol was on the warpath about the word “hospitalized.” She claims nobody uses the word, so we shouldn’t use it in our scripts. I think it’s a fine word. I’m going to use it as frequently as possible.

* Today, I was talking about an older woman and I made the comment that her fallopian tubes probably look like the CTA tunnel at Clark and Division. That’s when Executive Producer Wendy threw an orange at me. True.

* Angry and bitter at your failed relationship? Write an obituary about your dead love. I usually start writing my relationship obits before the first date.

* This is the weirdest story I’ve seen in a while. Some woman in Germany held an auction to give away sex to six random dudes. One of them made her pregnant. Now she wants to know which one is the father. One question: When did Britney Spears auction herself off in Germany?

* A West Virginia radio station is giving away a free divorce today. That’s the kind of Valentine’s sentiment I can get behind.

* And finally, a certain sunflower needs to see this today:

6 responses to “Valentines from the Control Room

  1. The picture is a very cute way to ask someone to be your Valentine!

  2. I think there is a deeper meaning. The sunflower is cold pizza from yesterday and the bag represents a bag of donuts.

  3. Anonymous – It’s Valentine’s Day – don’t ruin the sentiment. LOL

  4. Jakki, I think you need to look deeper into the blog site. It’s obvious that Ben is a deep and complex man. Donuts, pizza, M&M’s. Dare I suggest that he is a renaissance man? Yes! I dare!!

  5. You’re right – what was I thinking. LOL Forgive me – I’m a typically woman and was just trying to think that there was some sweet, romantic sentiment in the picture. :-) It goes a lot deeper than that. LOL

  6. Paper bag?! I think not!! It’s OBVIOUSLY an ice cube. ;o)

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