Dispatches from the Control Room – February 11

* Hey, Chicago. Knock it off with the -20 wind chills already.

* Executive Producer Wendy was so sickened by the fact that I’ve been using the same water bottle for two years, she bought me a new one today. On the left, observe how you can barely see through the plastic. On the right, my new bottle.

I credit drinking out of that petri dish for my stellar track record of just one sick day since I started working here. I’ve built up such an amazing tolerance against all kinds of bacteria, I’m virtually bulletproof. But now, using this new bottle, I expect I’ll have my immune system come crashing down on me. I’m going to end up with a combo of SARS, Monkey Pox and MRSA. Thanks a ton, Wendy.

* Did you see “60 Minutes” last night? Steve Kroft interviewed Senator Obama. And then Katie Couric interviewed Senator Clinton… about Senator Obama. Writing’s on the wall, Hill.

* Last night, the Foo Fighters took home the Grammy for Best Rock Album and Best Hard Rock Song. Darn right. Dave Grohl rocks everyone’s face off. I wish I could scream like him. Then, I’d go around screaming at people and they wouldn’t think, “Wow. Why did Ben just yell at me?” They’d think, “Wow. Ben just screamed at me. And it was awesome.”

* After Kanye West won one of his Grammys, the producer tried to play him off with some pre-recorded music. Then he started talking about his dead mother. And the music kept playing. Kanye paused and said, “It would be in good taste to stop the music.” Seriously. I mean, I’m a terrible producer and even I know not to drop elevator music on a dude talking about his recently deceased mother.

* During the “In Memoriam” segment, Ike Turner got applause. Several of the old-timey honky-tonk musicians did not. Congrats, old-timey honky-tonk guys. You are less popular than a dude who slapped his wife around.

* Today, Miss Illinois stopped by our studio to flip pancakes. Two things I love: hot chicks and hot food. Sadly, what little professional ethics I have prevented me from pounding on the Studio 5 glass and screaming my phone number at her.

* In tangentially-related pageant news, my sister defeated the current Miss Michigan in forensics when they were in high school.

* Don’t know if I’ll have time to blog tomorrow. Gotta come back at 2 p.m. for my special project editing session. Why don’t you use your blog-reading time to rock out to some Foo Fighters?

3 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – February 11

  1. Miss Illinois (Ashley, to those of us close to her) may be moving to Chicago after her reign. If you can wait, something you seem to do very well, give her a call. I’m sure she’ll be impressed being remembered by a producer who used to work for WMAQ.

  2. I had the same reaction to the 60 minutes segments… big difference between the two pieces.. Obama hero worship, and the segment with Hillary opened with a question from Katie about if she’s given the possibility of losing any thought… completely different tone..

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