Dispatches from the Control Room – February 1

* Remember how I said I’d hate today? Yeah, I was right. I’m a writer. It’s what I do best. But when I have to write, “It’s snowing” in a million different ways my brain turns to slush and I end up feeling drained and bored.

I will say that today is actually worthy of the full-on Weather Orgy™ treatment, but it doesn’t make it fun or interesting. Might be fun to watch, but it’s a bore to produce. I’m just glad I don’t work on the afternoon shows, where at least a dozen reporters will show you snow in every nook and cranny of the city. (I get the feeling it will be cold and wet and make for treacherous driving in each location.)

* Matt Rodewald just became my new favorite NBC5 personality. During this morning’s show, he opened his traffic report by saying, “It’s snowing. The roads are slick. Back to you.” They say brevity is the soul of wit.

* Web Czar Marcus set up a web cam at my desk. If you’re super-extra-nice in the comments, I may learn how to use it and record a video someday.

* Executive Producer Wendy (who was way too amped up about the snow this morning) is trying to rope me into going to a Victoria’s Secret next week with Dr. Berman to ask people all kinds of sex and relationship questions. Suddenly, producing a snow-covered newscast doesn’t seem so terrible.

* Speaking of the doctor, all the questions we’ve gotten at bettersex@nbc5.com have been horribly depressing. I don’t really want to hear about people’s painful secretions or inabilities to maintain erections. I’m dry-heaving just thinking about them.

* As atrophied as my love life is, I’m not as bad off as the guy in Tokyo who called directory assistance 2,600 times to whisper sweet nothings to the operators.

* Remember how Hillary blasted Obama for his connection with Tony Rezko? Whoops.

* “Lost” was good but not great last night. I’m glad to see the gang back together again, but I hate Hurley. The scene where he did a cannonball to some sappy music caused my eyes to roll back in my head slot machine-style.

* This may very well be my last blog. I’m driving back to Michigan for my mom’s birthday today. I’d say there’s a 95% chance I’ll end up freezing to death in a ditch or being decapitated by a rogue plow blade.

One response to “Dispatches from the Control Room – February 1

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! Hopefully you all had a good time this weekend!

    Now you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to meet women if you don’t go with Dr. Berman to Victoria’s Secret. You might actually learn a thing or two. Might improve your dating/love life.

    I hope you make it back from Michigan safe and sound – we need you to keep blogging!

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