Dispatches from the Control Room – January 29

* I’m really looking forward to spending today watching temperatures drop 50 degrees. And walking home tomorrow in a -27 degree wind chill should be super-fun. Even more fun will be producing a newscast in which we inform you that it’s cold, the roads are slick, snow will fall vertically, etc. It’s gonna be a rough one tomorrow, kids.

* With all this talk about the cold, let’s talk about the sun.

Someone created this graphic to advertise my blog:

Look at that sun! What in the name of God is that?

It looks like Emmanuel Lewis in yellow face paint. Where are its eyebrows? What’s with that insane deformed hand? It looks like Kuato from “Total Recall.” If I really was looking at that thing in the picture, my face would not be that relaxed. It would be drawn back in a look of horror. Apparently, someone at NBC5 just invested in a new disc of Clip Art of the Damned. Yeesh.

* One of our retired editors came back to the newsroom this morning. If I ever come near my old workplace after I retire, I hope someone shoots me to preserve what little dignity I’ll have left.

* Some Chicagoans are lobbying to keep the sinkhole on Montrose. They call themselves the Pro-Hole Action Committee. Hilarious. The hole even has its own MySpace page. I hope it approves my friend request. Holes generally have a bad reputation.

* Did you hear about the State of the Union drinking game? I don’t drink, but that makes me wish I did. Gotta give Bush props for sticking with “nukyular” all these years. Lesser men may have caved to the pressure of proper pronunciation.

* A Japanese marketing company gives its employees a few days off to deal with heartbreak. Awesome idea. Of course, when you have a track record like mine, you’d be gone more often than not.

* Careerbuilder and CNN give us a list of things you shouldn’t say at work. Conspicuously absent from that list? “Sure, I’ll commit to a blog. You don’t have to pay me more.”

* If you’d like to see me improvise, Whiskey Rebellion performs tomorrow night at 10:30 in the upstairs theater at i.O. Chicago. Tickets are $5. Not bad for an hour of live entertainment.

* And finally, mattrock2003 wanted a few more pictures to give a better sense of the layout in the NBC5 newsroom.

This picture shows the relation of the weather center (left of the picture, behind the camera) to the key wall to the anchor desk. We don’t use the weather center in the mornings, but it’s a staple of the afternoon and evening shows.

And this shot gives you an idea of the relation between the Telemundo set and the NBC5 set. I can’t get a much better photo, since there are walls in the way, but when you enter the newsroom, the Telemundo side is off to the left, while the NBC5 side is off to the right. When I used to work during the day, my fast-eroding grasp of the Spanish language would come in handy sitting next to the Telemundo folks. I’d sometimes overhear an entire word or two I recognized.

Now the only time I get to use my Spanish is when Zoraida gets really feisty. One of these days, I’ll bring my Spanish dictionary to work and ask her to slow down so I can unravel her jibes. (As long as she uses present tense, I can sorta hang on.)

4 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – January 29

  1. I like the State of the Union drinking game. It would make it more enjoyable to watch the State of the Union address – I guess that would be if I actually did watch it. LOL

    Does your improve group do any shows ealier in the evening during the week. For those of us who work the day shift we’re getting ready to hit the pillows at 10:30. LOL If not I guess I could try and function on a few hours of sleep at work – it might be worth it to see if you’re that funny. LOL

  2. Now we’re all going to have a bad day on Wednesday – no blog! :(

    How will we survive? LOL

  3. What happened? Was it too cold to blog?

  4. Thank you for the pictures! I remember that off to the left of the newsroom studio was the interview are or what they used for Sports Sunday. I see the Green Screen is there now. I have a screen shot of a close a few years ago from the 10pm that has the telemundo logo coming through on the NBC 5 side. Now with the Sports set there you cannot see telemundo. I was wondering how close it was and it really is that close. THANK you for the pics. NOW how about some update pics of Studio 5 construction? ;)

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