Dispatches from the Control Room – January 22

* After our team of web soldiers updated the paragraph atop this page to announce that I’m the only one blogging anymore, Dick jumps back in. Do I dare request that the team change the paragraph again? I’m confused by this strange new world where some people blog and some people don’t and others never blog and I’m bored with this train of thought.

* I should respond to maneatr1999 (a single mom who loves life and lives it to the fullest). We get our late night pizza fix from Ranalli’s. They’re open way late. But the pizza is not terribly good. It’s like a Ritz cracker with ketchup and aerosol cheese. Still, it meets the bare minimum requirement of pizza, so I shovel it into my mouth with abandon.

For the record, the Chicago pizza hierarchy goes: 1) Lou Malnati’s 2) Pizzeria Due 3) Edwardo’s. I’ve had one slice at The Art of Pizza that was awesome, but I’ll need to go back for further analysis.

Unfortunately, I doubt maneatr1999 and I will share an opinion on anything. She lists “The Boondock Saints” among her favorite movies. And that, my dear, is a terrible excuse for a film. Willem Dafoe cross-dressing and passing as a woman? Oy. Do yourself a favor and rent “Overnight,” a documentary about the incredible windbag behind the movie (and his enjoyable downfall).

“Boondock Saints,” along with “Donnie Darko” are the two most overrated films of the last ten years.

* Today’s show seemed like a great one in conception, but things got hairy as we went to air. We had a ton of great stories. Chuck Norris calling out John McCain for being too old. A gas station attendant who sold her relatives gas at $0.001/gallon. The thief in Aurora who put a fake night drop box in front of a bank… and people fell for it. Tom Brady walking around with a cast on his foot. Video of Kim Vatis yawning during her live shot yesterday when she couldn’t hear us tossing to her. The horrifying-looking robot that gives birth to an equally horrifying-looking robot baby. I mean, today was a treasure trove of great stories.

Problem is, it snowed. And when it snows in TV News Land, you lose your ever-lovin’ mind. We talk to people on the phone about the fact that it’s snowing. We show you video of snow. We spend hours of our day telling you something you could learn by looking out your window. And because of that time commitment, I had to kill out a lot of those awesome stories.

I grew up in Michigan. I expect it to snow in January. I’ve lived here four winters. I expect it to snow here. When it does, I know I should allow extra commute time and I should drive more slowly. I understand that snow will accumulate, and that it will be cold and white. I really don’t need my TV to tell me these things.

It’s one thing if we’re getting slammed with 42″ of snow. I understand if lives are endangered more than an average snowstorm. But today’s snowfall really wasn’t anything marvelous. We treated it as though manna were falling from heaven. The numbers show that more of you watch us when the weather turns nasty. If you’d watch us all the time, we wouldn’t have to freak out when it snows or rains. And that would make my life much easier.

Do you really want us to make a phone call to the guy in charge of the city’s plows the next time it snows? We do that all the time. Vote in the comments below and I’ll run my show accordingly.

I spent two minutes of my newscast letting a city employee tell you to drive more slowly on snowy roads. Maybe this summer, I should spend the same amount of time having a spokesman from the Illinois Department of Public Health telling you to apply sunscreen.

* I knew it was going to be a crazy day when Dick started singing “We Go Together” from “Grease” on the set before the show.

* In other news, an NBC5 employee saved the life of another NBC5 employee. We probably should have saved that for sweeps.

2 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – January 22

  1. *Ouch* Despite your stinging review of one of my favorite “overrated” movies, I still find myself reading and commenting on your blog. If this snow keeps up, I will rent “Overnight” and see what the fuss is about.

  2. I think you need to start taking some “happy” pills. LOL

    You were upset that Dick and Zoraida weren’t blogging, then Dick posts a blog and you’re still complaining. LOL

    Then you come down on one of the posters about her selection of favorite movies. Since you only have two people who comment on your blogs it’s probably a good idea to be nice to us if you’d like us to still read and comment on it.

    When it snows we expect to hear the stories about the snow. We all want to hear that it’s cold, be careful driving, and of course allow extra time. We all leave for work with such positive thoughts – positive I’m going to hate driving in it especially because they’ll be someone who didn’t listen to the news and not drive slow because they didn’t allow enough time to get where they needed to go. You would think that if you grew up in the midwest the rules of winter driving should be ingrained in your brain from the day you are born? (LOL)

    My vote: keep talking to the guy who’s in charge of the city’s snow plow – it’s good for entertainment.

    Here’s a thought for Wednesday’s blog – Let’s be positive. :-)

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