OK Ben I’m musing already!

Actually I’m miserable. Once again I got beat out of my chair at the company table for the Rev. Jesse Jackson MLK breakfast. Art Norman had to be there so I covered his shift back at the ranch. Marcus Riley, our web guru, told me he would take good care of my seat. Thanks Marcus. But here’s the problem: this year I even told Jesse ON THE AIR that I’d be there. Rats.

Zoraida is at the table though. She didn’t even spend a nanosecond suggesting covering me covering Art so I could go. But at least our team is well represented. And besides I like Zoraida. She flattered me on the air today by assuring me I’m not old. Thanks Z. Marcus is a nice guy too. So is Art. Plus, my substitute breakfast was a hot, custom creation from Boardman’s restaurant, instead of a lukewarm, mass produced array of indistinguishable morning stomach fillers. No slam on the Sheraton’s catering department. But breakfast for a thousand can be that way. I will miss hearing Bill Cosby. Love that guy and his messages.

So I labor on. I always think about Dr. King on this day so I guess the national holiday idea is working. I count his “dream” speech among the first and few memorable moments in my life of great oration. It still stirs my soul to hear it.

Yes, I’d like to muse on as Ben has suggested. But I can’t. Frankly, I’m worried…about the economy, the history making Democratic candidates for President who are now carping at each other and whether any Chicago team will make us proud in the near future.
But my more immediate concern is how long Jesse will speak at his breakfast this year after Mr. Cosby has done his thing. Art? Marcus? Anyone? C’mon guys I’ve been up since 1 a.m.!
Ben’s already been trying to sleep for five hours.
Muse on dude.
At least I feel young saying that…
and blogging this!

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