Dispatches from the Control Room – January 10

* Executive Producer Wendy called in sick today. When that happens, it’s all “Lord of the Flies” in the NBC5 newsroom. Arch-nemesis producer Jim tried to impale me with a rudimentary spear fashioned out of a broom handle.

* The AP wires were blowing up all morning with stupid little bulletins about President Bush in the Middle East. Like every 30 seconds, our computers beeped with a new, boring item.

President Bush says he has concluded that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders “understand the importance of democratic states living side by side” in peace.

President Bush says he believes there will be a signed peace treaty by the time he leaves office.

President Bush says he’s confident “the state of Palestine will emerge.”

I mean, the only bulletin we didn’t get was “President Bush coughs, shuffles feet.” Take it easy Associated Press. Get back to us when you have a paragraph to share.

* This morning, a meteorologist from a competing station (I won’t say who) was wearing something that made her look like a Buck Rogers extra.

* I would write more, but I am freakin’ exhausted. For more entertainment, I point you to The Obscure Store.

One response to “Dispatches from the Control Room – January 10

  1. So can we get an exciting blog for the weekend. LOL

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