Dispatches from the Control Room – December 14

* Exactly one year ago, I was producing the weekend morning show with director Pat Lake, anchors Rob Elgas and Zoraida Sambolin and meteorologist Ginger Zee. Today, I worked with the exact same lineup. It was like some kind of crazy time warp to a simpler time.

* As mentioned on the last thrilling entry of Dispatches from the Control Room, our executive producer gave us money for pizza today. There’s an observable difference in newsroom morale when pizza is added to the mix. On a normal day, everyone just sits in a vegetative state in front of the numbing glow of the computer monitor.

Today (with pizza, mind you), we had thrilling conversations including one producer’s dating history with a guy named “Peanut,” a proposed stripper pole in the newsroom and the many ways I’m hotter than George Clooney and Brad Pitt combined. I may be making that last one up. Pizza makes me hallucinate.

* The power of this blog is becoming quite intoxicating. People will do almost anything to get a mention. Rob specifically brought in donuts and coffee to earn himself a commendation. Nice going, sir. You’ll notice I’ve never mentioned station management. I’m holding out until my performance review.

* During the first weather segment of the 5 a.m. show, Ginger said, “Never say never.” If I had a nickel for every time I yelled that at some woman as she walked away from the bar…

* Today we ran a story suggesting how much you should tip the various service workers in your life. We advised tipping special waiters $50. Why do I think “special waiter” is a euphemism for some other, less legal profession?

2 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – December 14

  1. This is why you need to consider the AM DATING GAME – if it works out then you’ll never hear the phrase “never say never” again. :-)

    If you want a good performance review I’d start mentioning management in the blog! Never to soon to start sucking up! (ha ha)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. very amusing! adding this to the list of daily reads – keep it up.

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