Dispatches from the Control Room – December 5

The NBC5 Snow Day Home Game
For up to seven (7) players.

1. Choose your character.

– Dick: A straight-laced, pontificating anchorman.
– Zoraida: A fiesty anchorlady with a heart of gold.
– Andy: A meteorologist with the power to control the weather through the dark art of voodoo.
– Matt: He who observes traffic from some remote outpost on the verge of the city.
– Kim: A hard-edged reporter, stuck out in the cold.
– Anthony: A cub reporter from a long line of elder (bear?) reporters, reporting from the comfort of O’Hare International Airport.
– IDOT Guy: Some guy who works for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

2. Perform the following script for two and a half hours straight…

DICK: It’s snowing!

ZORAIDA: It’s snowing!

KIM: It’s snowing!

ANTHONY: It’s snowing!

ANDY: It’s snowing!

MATT: It’s snowing!

IDOT GUY: It’s snowing!

One response to “Dispatches from the Control Room – December 5

  1. Hit weatherman with snowball in segment . . . go back 3 spaces!

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