Dispatches from the Control Room – November 12

* Nice to see this blog is still standing. Too bad there’s no way to navigate to it. Seriously, there’s no link to this thing anywhere. Maybe someday. Until then, this page will continue to get as many hits as I did in Little League. (They wanted me to hit a moving ball? Come on…)

* One thing you can find a link to on our morning site is a video titled, “Cuartro Pair Serenade Morning Viewers.”

Two things:

1) It’s “cuatro,” not “cuartro.”

2) Wouldn’t a pair of cuatros be an ocho?

* Once upon a time, a woman named Hedy used to provide snacks for the office. For the last several weeks, the snack zone has remained empty. It’s my first stop when I walk into the newsroom. And if the snack zone is empty, I get angry. And when I’m angry, I fling myself against the vending machines, praying something chocolatey will drop. And when that fails, I contemplate the moral dilemma of cannibalism. A man needs fuel to produce a newscast. And I’m cheap.

* My iPod suffered an aneurysm on November 2. I like to listen to music when I write. So now my iPod is in the shop. I have no music and I have no snacks at work. I’m liable to throw a computer monitor through the Studio 5 window if this keeps up much longer.

* What a ridiculously slow news day today. The top stories in the Trib are about adopted kids getting to see their files and people having trouble selling their horses. Do you know anyone who owns a horse? Gee, thanks Tribune. I’m always wondering how the horse barons are doing…

* I love living in Chicago, but your Bears bore me to tears. Thanks to this work schedule, I slept until 3 p.m., missing the worthwhile games. Instead, I had to watch the Bears battle the Raiders to a 3-3 tie late into the fourth quarter. Rex Grossman may be a terrible quarterback, but he always makes the game interesting. Thanks, Rex. (Buy me a satellite dish so I don’t have to watch the Bears anymore, and I’ll even wear your jersey.)

* When we covered the opening of I-355 yesterday, we had a soundbite from a woman named Mary Burns, who said, “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened!”

Really, Mary?

Better than the Emancipation Proclamation?

Better than Super Bowl XX?

Better than the birth of your children, if you have any?

Better than the day this blog launched? (Clearly.)

2 responses to “Dispatches from the Control Room – November 12

  1. Thx 4 keeping the Web staff on our toes there young Ben… how do you know the boys’ last name isn’t “Cuartro?” Do you know their last names? Didn’t think so… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… and yes, you can now find a lovely link to your lovely blog… now we’ll see if the our servers can hold up to the massive traffic sure to come our way..

  2. If only they sang with Suzi Quatro, they could be the Quatro Trio, and occassionally sing Duets, play with octets, or sell shirts that say “I am 4 Quatro”

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